Single And Double Inflatable Packers

SON - MAK brand packers are manufactured as standard with 6 different outer diameter varying from 44 mm to 94 mm. Optionally, special production can be made.

The Packers used according to their injection hole diameter. In the graphics you can see the highest pressure values given with outer diameter values for the inflatable packers.


  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Construction
  • Oil / Gas
  • Research Drilling
  • Construction and Mining
  • Environmental Studies

How To Use Packers

Packer inflatable hose is installed on the inflatable inlet and when the packers are landed on the drilling hole on the tube, they can be bind tightly with the help of air or liquid inside the hole.

The injection can be done by central stainless steel tube. This tire disconnets the line, where the injection is done, and the other line. In this way, the injection process is carried out only in that line. After the injection process is carried out, the pressure is ejected and the packer is either taken out or it is again put into different depth.

In the Packers, the inflatable air or liquid pressure in the tyre must be higher than injection pressure.

The Packers are landed in the deep well by connecting the injection tubes and the packers can easily installed on the injection tier.There are single and double packers types. The single packers are often used for bottom - up injection process.
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Single and Double Inflatable Packers

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