Product Code – AGP- 01

Capacity: 10³/hour

  • 1 x SOMIX 500 Mixer Unit,
  • 1 x SONAG 500 Agitator Unit
  • 1 x EP150 Grout Pump (cylinder Ø 150mm – 6 in)
  • 1 x Compressor
  • 1 x Water Dosing Pump
  • 1 x Chemical Dosing Pump
  • 1 x Washing Pump
  • 1 x Bentonite Dosing Pump
  • 1 x Washing Pump
  • 1 Recorder (Optional)
  • Full Automatic Control Panel

The whole system can be mounted on the skid frame or in the container.


  • Jet grouting
  • Driling Applications
  • Concreting
  • Anchor Injection
  • Tunnel Projects
  • Dam Projects


  • Fully automatic injection preparation unit
  • Saving energy, time and labor work
  • More precise and quality preparation of the mixture
  • Continuous injection preparation and printing
  • Easy to be installed and transported
  • Easy of use and maintenance
  • The SOMIX 500 is a high speed mixer and produces a homogeneous mixture. The mixing unit consists of a tank and gearbox.
  • SOMIX 500 Mixer Unit weighs highly sensitive by 3 load cell assambled on the chassis.
  • The mixer unit is directly connected to the electric motor via a spindle and additionally a reducer is mounted for better mixing of the particles.
  • A Pneumatic valve is placed at the outlet of the Mixer Unit in order to discharge the prepared mixture into the Agigator Unit.
  • Outputs of Water Dosing, Chemical Dosing and Bentonite Dosing pumps are connected to the Mixer Unit.
  • The dosing pumps, pumping the liquids, which they draw, to the Mixer Tank by pneumatic valves according to the order of liquid intake formed by the injection mixture.


Mixer Electrical Motor7.5 kW (10hp)
Gearbox Output Circuit607 rpm/min
Tank Capacity500lt
  • The mixture, which is prepared in the mixer, is transferred into the agitator unit between the mixer and the grout pump, and following to this, the injection mortar ensures that it is kept ready for continuous injection.
  • The Injection and mixing can be perfomed at the same time in the tank. The tank circulates continuously to ensure that the quality of the mortar is nor lost.
  • The low speed rotating mixing blades prevent the injection mortar from settling and eliminates the formation of air bubbles.
Agigator Electrical Motor 2.2 kW (3hp)
Gearbox Output Circuit 65 rpm/min
Tank Capacity 500lt
    EP-150 is a double-acting piston pump and is hydraulic drive.Piston pumps are sensitive regarding flow and pressure control.

    EP-150 Grout Pump have different work pressure and flow according to injection types. The Pump have features to carry out grouting (1 – 5 mm) mixed sand.

    The piston pumps are used according to the necessity of the work and the situation. The piston pumps are sensitive regarding flow and pressure control compared to the other types pumps.

Grout Flow 0 – 195 l/min. (42.8gal/min.)
2 Grout pressure
setting levels
Low pressure: 2-10 Bar (29-145 psi)
High pressure: 10-55 Bar (145-797 psi )

Electric Motor
22 kW (30hp) – 1450 rev/min.
15 kW (20hp) – 1450 rev/min.
  • Mixing ratios can be prepared by 10″ PLC touch screen on the panel the different mixing formulas can be prepared and also the program can be called.
  • The prepared recipes are weighed in the mixer tank according to the formulas prepared previously. Step by step the water is transferred into the tank by means of the using the water dosing pump, following to this the other liquids such as bentonite, chemical, etc. transferred to the mixer tank. After the liquid substances are transferred, the cement is transferred from the cement silo by means of auger. Cement transfer is only possible if there is water in the mixer tank.
  • All these operations are shown on the PLC screen. Grout Plant can be operated manually or automatically and records of all operations can be displayed daily or weekly on the PLC screen. And also all the Information can be taken from the screen with the USB disk.
Water Dosing Pump SLG2″ 3 hp – 380V
Chemical Dosing Pump SLG1″ 0,5 hp – 220V
Bentonite Dosing Pump SLG2″ 3 hp – 380V
Washing Pump SLG1″ 0,5 hp – 220V
Compressor 100 lt/8bar
  • The Grout Plant can optionally be equipped with pressure and flow recording system.
  • With the flowmeter and pressure gauge at the output of the grout pump, the data is transferred to the PLC display.
  • These obtained data can be retrieved via USB disk.
A 2900 mm (114 in)
B 3000 mm (118 in)
C 6000 mm (236 in)
GPS150 Grouting Set 3000 kg (6614 lbs)