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Since 1983

SON-MAK, which was established by İzzettin TAVUKCU in Bursa in 1983, adopting as a principle high quality standards, customer satisfaction focusing oriented investments.

The company is among the leading and well – established companies in its sector with the principle mutual trust, development and success.

With years of experience, SON-MAK has been producing many a different kinds of drilling machines, which are used in its branch and in the sector with the aim of searching the mines on the surface or underground and also the development of the industrial raw materials.

Not only with its professional and expert staff but also with the the produced exploration drilling rigs, drilling equipments, mud pumps and injection systems, the company address to the strategically important mining and energy sectors of the world.


SON-MAK, which is the leader of the sector, serves at with the most reliable level for the exploration of oil-natural gas, geothermal resources, for the searching of ground water, for the evaluation of dam areas, for the improvement of tunnels, bridges, weak soils,

SON-MAK is a global manufacturer of the drilling machines in with its factory in 14.500 sqm closed area.

SON-MAK, with its own brand name “LEVENT, constantly updating itself by following the new trends in the sector and always taking into consideration of the customer satisfaction higher, strives to produce new machines and equipment in the world standards by keeping up with the sustainable growth and with the high technology in its product range.

Our Value

Why we are different.

Our Values define how we do work at SON-MAK.  We will not undertake or execute a project which comprises any of these values. We believe that when we commit to work within SON-MAK’s values, we achieve superior work in our sector.

Our Vision

To keep the highest level of customer satisfaction in everything we made; by the help of our know-how with products and services that make a difference and create lasting advantages for our customers.

Our Mission

Keep sustainable growth to expand its field of activities and services of international quality standards and set direction towards to be a trusted worldwide brand.

Our Management Principles


Our conduct towards our clients, employees, suppliers, subcontractors, governmental and regulatory authorities, competitors and towards society as a whole is without fault.


A corporate sustainability approach that imparts awareness of economic, environmental and social responsibilities towards internal and external stakeholders.


Transparency, Accountability and Discipline in our business.


An open relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, respect and success.

Innovative Acumen

Excellence, Innovation and Improvement.


Uncompromising commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.


Sharing success and standing together in the face of failure.

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