Product Code – TP-45

  • TP-45 series Triplex Pumps are generally designated to pump clean water.
  • They can be equipped in three different ways as Electrical motor, Petrol Engine and Hydraulic driven  motor.
  • Triplex Pumps spare parts, stainless steel cylinders, stainless valves, balls and seals can be easily changed.
  • The three cylinders, which are made of steel reinforced stainless stell material, are durable against to corrosion and can be changed easily.
  • The pump safety valve is adjusted according to 45 bar pressure.
  • If the pressure in the system exceeds these values, then the safety valve activates and by means of this the pump housing is protected against to excessive pressure.
  • The pump valve can be adjusted to lower values mentioned above.
  • The pressure values can be observed with a manometer 0-100 bar.
Configuration Horizontal Triplex Pump
Number of Pistons 3
Stroke Lenght 28 mm (1.1 in)
Lube Oil Capacity 1.2 l (40 oz)
Lube Oil Type SAE 30
Suction Size 1″ NPT
Discharge Size 3/4″ NPT
Pump Weight 15.7 kg.(34.6 lbs)
Flow 45 l (12gal.)
Pressure Range 7 to 50 bar (100 psi to 700 psi)
RPM 900 rpm
Water Flow l/min Water Pressure Bar Transmission Weight Dimensions
45 45 50 680 375 480
  45 45 V-belt 50 1050 375 480